Pressed Not Crushed Podcast

This podcast was formerly called Anchor Talk.

Pressed Not Crushed focuses on candid conversations with Christian creatives, or entrepreneurs about overcoming hardships in their life, business or ministry. Learn how they survived challenging times by acknowledging their own limited strength but leaning on the power of God to keep them going.

The beginning of business, ministry, or the creative process is the most exciting, but then obstacles, challenges, and long periods of wait or dismal harvest come in to play, and the tendency is to give up. This podcast seeks to teach and encourage you on how to remain strengthened and persevere in hope.

Do you find yourself struggling in the uncertainty of your season, weary and stagnated in the wait?

Do you find the confidence you once had in yourself and God dwindling in the wilderness or you’re struggling to hold on when you have no idea what God’s end game is?

Then this podcast is for you!
Host, Unoma Nwankwor is on a mission to inspire, encourage, and empower you through hope-filled motivational messages, anchor verses, and inspirational interviews. Listeners will recognize the light of their season through a mindset shift, ignite an increased confidence in their abilities and redevelop trust in God’s faithfulness.
Remember we may be pressed but not crushed.