Meet Our Founder

Hi there!

My name is Unoma Nwankwor, the founder of EXPECTANT LIVING.

Some years ago, on a long road trip, I listened to Bishop T D Jakes’s book. I heard something that caught my attention. “In the pursuit of Destiny, the key question is, are you willing to endure the pain of the process or settle for the mediocrity of the status quo”

That single sentence stirred my soul.

You see, I’ve always been an encourager. Even in my introverted nature, I’ve always stepped into my gifting as an encourager when the opportunity presents itself. When I scroll social media I see people, strangers or family that I’ve spoken into their life, get over their inhibitions and follow their dreams. Or being liberated from despair or darkness from my word for them.

After reading that quote, I’ve been more intentional about being an ambassador of HOPE for those who are using their talents & gift in service to the Body of Christ. I call them, Christianpreneurs. I understood then that revealing the transparency of my journey will help others from being frustrated out of their destiny.

At the time, I wasn’t sure how much of myself I wanted to reveal but that sentence was the confirmation that solidified what I knew I was called to do. It was time to walk in my calling and purpose as a Hope Ambassador/Champion. Hence Expectant Living was born.